Supporting Safety in Faith-based Organizations

Faith-based organizations are rapidly becoming a targeted community for incidents and safety is key for members and staff. M6 Global Defense can develop protocol and infrastructure plans to keep faith-based communities safe.

Get in touch with us about developing plans that mitigates risk and saves lives in your faith-based organization.

safety for faith based organizations
All Souls Catholic Church and School
At All Souls Catholic Church and School, we take the safety and security of our students, staff, and community very seriously, and we have found a trusted partner in M6 Global Defense. Their knowledge and expertise in all facets of safety and security is top in the industry.
M6 Global Defense is passionate about both school and campus safety as well as preserving the nature and feel of our community. They are genuine and honest when it comes to providing their clients with the best information about safety and security solutions, and they care about building lasting relationships.

The M6 Global Defense team has been instrumental in providing All Souls with a thorough security assessment, a comprehensive emergency plan, a roadmap for future safety improvements, and invaluable advice about the safety of our students and staff. We value our partnership with M6 Global Defense and we look forward to a long and lasting relationship with them.

Fr. Rick Nakvasil

All Souls Pastor

safety in faith based organizations
Safety should be assured when participating as a member of a faith-based organization. M6 Global Defense can help plan and protect members and leaders.
Mike Matranga

CEO, M6 Global Defense

M6 Global is on a mission to create the safest school systems in the nation, through security technology and emotional intelligence experts to develop a robust, social emotional learning program.

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