Infrastructure Hardening

Infrastructure hardening is the act of applying security to each component of the infrastructure, including web servers, application servers, identity and access management solutions, and. database systems. M6 Global Defense is fully capable of providing:

  • Full-scale professional auditing of facilities
  • Customized architectural security design for homes, corporations, schools medical facilities, and privately owned businesses
  • Intrusion film
    • 15-millimeter intrusion
    • 30-millimeter riot
    • Full-scale ballistic glass installation
  • Weapons detection
  • Anti-scaling fencing
  • Digital and print emergency mapping
  • 3D customized virtual emergency plans with embedded training videos
  • Reinforced door barricades
  • Drone detection
Anti-scaling fencing
glass doors intrusion film
web server security

Hardening is essential in today’s age. We want to secure the infrastructure against attacks, by reducing its attack surface and thus eliminating as many risks as possible.

Mike Matranga

CEO, M6 Global Defense

M6 Global is on a mission to create the safest school systems in the nation, through security technology and emotional intelligence experts to develop a robust, social emotional learning program.

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