Supporting Safety in K-12 School Communities

M6 Global is transforming the safety and security of K-12 school communities. In our most vulnerable institutions, we believe safe spaces start with community assessment and the development of a complete safety and security plan. Safe spaces are sustainable through response and education.

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k-12 school safety

School Security Services Include:

Consulting & Assessment

  • Educator and School Administrator Consulting
  • Districtwide Emotional Intelligence Consulting
  • School-Based Law Enforcement Consulting
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Management Consulting
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Tactical Vulnerability Assessment
  • Technical Security Assessment
  • Cyber Security Assessment
  • Emergency Response Capabilities Assessment
  • Hospital Capabilities Assessment
  • Texas Senate Bill 11 Compliance Safety & Security Auditing

Playbook Development

  • Customized Emergency Operation Plan
  • Individual Campus Emergency Action Plan
  • Customized Medical Response Plan
  • Strategic Medical Equipment Plan
  • Mass Notification & Communications Plan
  • Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide
  • Individual Classroom Emergency Operations Flipbooks
  • Comprehensive Emergency Mapping
  • Emotional Intelligence Strategic Curriculum (English & Spanish)


  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Training
  • Multi-Discipline Team Training
  • School Leadership Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Curriculum Training (English & Spanish)
  • Subject Matter Expert Speaking Engagements
  • Advanced Medical Training
  • Weapons Retention Training
  • Situational Awareness Training

Product Integration

  • Full-scale Technical Security Product Integration
  • Intrusion Film & Ballistic Glass
  • Cameras, Access Control, Intercom Systems
  • Panic Buttons & Alarms
  • Overt Weapons Detection
  • Covert Weapons Detection (Metal Detectors)
  • Mass Notification & Communications Systems
  • Anonymous Reporting Systems
  • Facial Recognition
  • License Plate Readers
  • Vape Detection

M6 Global Defense is on a mission to create the safest school systems in the nation, through security technology and emotional intelligence experts to develop a robust, social emotional learning program.

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