K9 Security and Training

M6 Global is a renowned company that specializes in providing comprehensive K9 security training services.
Our expertise lies in training both Single and Dual purpose K9s, enabling them to perform a wide range of essential security tasks with exceptional skill and efficiency. Moreover, we offer top-notch K9 Handler Courses, equipping handlers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively work alongside their canine partners.
K9 training and security
Our Subject Matter Experts excel in K9 Program Consulting, providing invaluable insights and guidance to optimize existing programs or establish new ones. Our capabilities extend to Contract K12 Behavioral Support K9 Services, where our highly-trained canines contribute to creating safer and more conducive learning environments for students. With a successful track record of building capacity for the US Government in the past, M6 Global Defense stands as a trusted and reliable partner in the realm of K9 security training and services.

M6 Global is on a mission to create the safest school systems in the nation, through security technology and emotional intelligence experts to develop a robust, social emotional learning program.

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