M6 Global and VikSTORY recently partnered to provide comprehensive communications planning and training. 

M6 Global is partnering with a veteran broadcast journalist, turned media expert to offer Crisis Communications, Media Training, Video Production Strategies and Services 

NOVEMBER 3, 2023 – HOUSTON, TX – M6 Global Solutions is proud to announce a partnership with Anastasiya Bolton and her company ViKSTORY Media, a crisis communications and strategic media agency with extensive experience in handling high-profile, fast-moving, complicated scenarios in public and private sectors. 

“Our clients often need a communications leader at the helm of a crisis, and VikSTORY has unparalleled experience navigating media and crisis response,” said M6 Global CEO Michael Matranga. “We are thrilled to add Anastasiya’s services to our portfolio of professionals, standing ready to respond and support 24-7.”

M6 Global provides comprehensive, holistic plans to achieve safe communities and workplaces. With more than 30 consultants across 16 states, the collective organizations offer consulting and assessments, playbook development, training, and product integration solutions to public and private schools. 

“I’m excited to join M6 Global and its vast network of subject matter experts,” Bolton said. “We know crises will happen, but they don’t have to become a crisis of communications. Let’s not wait for something to happen to collaborate on a strategy. At ViKSTORY Media we want to make sure you’re prepared to share your story on your best day, as well as your worst.” 

ViKSTORY, working in person or remotely, helps clients navigate complex situations, crisis scenarios, and negative publicity by developing and implementing appropriate responses for different audiences and working with the client to a complete resolution. ViKSTORY provides comprehensive communications strategies, media and public speaking training for public information officers, subject matter experts and leadership. Visual storytelling services are also available.

For more information about M6 Global or to schedule a school assessment, connect with info@m6globaldefense.com or visit www.m6globaldefense.com. For more information about ViKSTORY, visit www.ViKSTORYmedia.com.