Michael Matranga

Chief Executive Officer, M6 Global Defense

Before his current role, Matranga served as a protector to America’s family as a Special Agent in the Presidential Protection Division of the United States Secret Service. Matranga protected the President and First Family of the United States worldwide, through the oversight of advanced security surveys and threat assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks. His work in the U.S. Secret Service also extended to making tactical decisions regarding the President of the United States, Vice President, First and Second Families, and numerous Foreign Heads of State, while working under the Special Operations Division as a Presidential Counter Assault Team Operator, Assistant Team Leader. His work in strategic security and safety, over a span of nearly fifteen years, uniquely qualifies him to serve as the leader of M6 Global Defense and fuels his passion for the public service he provides to the community where he grew up, attended school, and now lives with his wife Melissa and their two daughters.

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I believe you should have peace of mind in your community, knowing that we are working together to ensure safety and well-being.

Mike Matranga

CEO, M6 Global Defense

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