TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) — Students and staff in Texas City ISD are seeing several security changes this school year, including new ID badges with a built-in chip to monitor their location.

“We had some gaps in security,” said Dr. Rodney Cavness, Texas City ISD Superintendent.

He says the Santa Fe shooting that left 10 students dead made him realize he needed an expert in safety and security on staff.

“We want to be the model, we want to set the standard, and to do that, you have to get the right person and we did get the right person,” said Dr. Cavness. “Mike Matranga.”

The school district hired former Secret Service agent Mike Matranga as its director of security and school safety. Now his mission is to protect Texas City ISD students.

“I always wanted to come back and give back in some way,” said Matranga.

Since his hiring in the summer, Matranga implemented several measures. He added eight deputies on campus, launched an app that gives dispatchers access to school cameras, and instituted ID badges with a built-in chip.

“I want to give the parents peace of mind that in the event of an emergency I can tell them where their child is at immediately,” Matranga said.

Beacons installed in the ceiling of school buildings and buses will detect the badges, and administrators will be the only people with access to the location data.

“I know they want to keep us safe and everything but this is kind of not the way to do it,” said Texas City High School senior Arick Walker.