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Every team member at M6 Global Defense offers a lifetime of experience in training, tactics and operations. We provide training for civilian personnel and the law enforcement community, delivering some of the most comprehensive tactical and operational programs available.

The goal of tactical and operations training is to prepare communities with the knowledge of what to do during a crisis. Tactics and operational training provide confidence to take the right actions so your community knows what to do in an emergency. You have knowledge that may save your life and the lives of those around you. Training provides greater awareness, allowing your community to protect themselves and others by avoiding risk or threats in advance. 

At the very foundation, M6 Global Defense is made up of leaders who believe in teaching and sharing knowledge to create safer spaces. Let’s find the right combination of tactics and operational training that is right for you.

Training Courses Offered:

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Basic Self Defense
  • Advanced Self Defense
  • Weapons Retention for Civilians & Law Enforcement
  • Hunter Education Classes
  • Basic Pistol Course
  • Basic AR15 Course
  • Advanced Pistol Course
  • Advanced AR15 Course
  • Long Range Rifle Course
  • Executive Protection Training
  • Basic Tactical Course
  • Advanced Tactical Course
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Basic Bleed Control Course
  • Advanced Bleed Control Course
  • Weapons Defense for Women
  • Weapons Home Defense for Family
  • Behavioral & Pre-Attack Training
  • Terrorist Trends Training
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social-Emotional Learning for K12
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M6 Global Defense plans for safer spaces by training and preparing communities for emergency situations. Having confidence, awareness and knowledge mean your community is ready to respond, in any situation.

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